Examples of application (temperature, pressure, level)

  • steering of control valves and actuators (impulse or continuous signal)
  • Multi-stage or continuous steering of burners and electric heaters
  • Control cascades
  • Steering of electro-pneumatic transformers and thyristor control elements

Industrial controllers

  • Electronic thermostats
  • Multi-step controllers
  • Three-point step controllers
  • Continuous controllers
  • Replacement controllers
  • Cascade controllers
  • Program controllers
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • External hardware- expansion modules
  • Spare controllers

Possible equipments, additional functions

  • External set value
  • Set value lowering at night
  • Secondary and third set values
  • Signal output for printer or PLC
  • Digital interface
  • Additional switching contacts
  • Manual operation function
  • Gradient and program functions
  • binary inputs for control functions
  • analog inputs for indication or with influence on the control loop

Monitoring- and switching devices

  • Electronic thermostats
  • Electronic safety temperature limiter
  • Digital multifunction devices
  • Malfunction alarm devices

Our special features

  • Longterm type-assureness
  • Very easily operable equipment
  • Special versions according to the customers needs and precise replacement for products from other manufactures
  • Qualified consultation
  • Fitting control valves from under one roof
  • Decades of experience in operational and equipment technologies
  • High technical reliability

Additional information