Founded 1969, KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH is primarily involved with control and regulation in industrial heating and process engineering in almost all sectors of industry, including shipbuilding. Both electronic controllers and control valves are supplied, so that, if necessary, the entire control system can be obtained from on source. lf desired, this can also include qualified consultation and advice on control technology.

The company has particularly wide experience and capability in the heat transfer oil sector. One place where this can be seen is in the design and construction of the KFM heat transfer oil control valves. Pneumatic and electrical actuators are manufactured by the company, and are also obtainable with integrated electronic position controllers.

The range of digital industrial and process controllers manufactured extends from simple units to high-performance devices, and are available in all common housings and plug-in formats. Up to eight relay outputs and a large number of signal inputs and outputs may be implemented on each device, and include digital interfaces and connections to all current industrial bus systems.

The devices can all be fitted with one or more of a wide range of controller functions. A modular extension system allows a large number of optional additional functions and supplementary equipment to be installed, including programmable, cascaded and ramp setpoint versions. In spite of the wide variety available, all versions are user-friendly and are easy and straightforward to handle.

Special approvals have been granted for use with thermal transfer oil heaters (DIN) and for marine applications (GL, BV, DNV). Another speciality, much in demand, are special ā€˛tailored" series, constructed to special customer requirements.